Regulators, detectors, pipes, pipe systems, heavy equipments, valves and all other accessories are available under the roof of Al Mandoos Distributions.

0.5-2 bar Regulator

This is a high pressure regulator to supply LPG for 0.5- 2 level of pressure with an adjustable knob and not for domestic uses. The regulators conform to EN 13785 regulations with a capacity of 8 kg/hr.

30 mbar Regulator

These regulators are domestic purpose with capacity of 1 kg/hr and pressure of 30 mbar. Moreover, this is best for LPG cylinders with automatic valves of 21 mm diameter.

50 mbar Regulator

This is a household pressure regulator for supplying LP Gas to devices that demand a pressure of 50 mbar and a capacity of 1 kg/hr. It performs effectively with gas cylinders with automatic valves with a diameter of 21 mm

90 mbar Regulator

These kinds of regulators can be utilized with 21 mm of diameter. And these are for cylinders with 1.5 kg/hr and pressure of 90 mbar and not suitable for the domestic usage